Talent Insights

Scientific enhancement to your hiring decisions. Validate a candidate’s love for the work and alignment to your company culture.

Hiring Doesn’t Need to Be Such a Struggle

Do Costs Keep Climbing?

Have you calculated the cost of hiring, onboarding, and training employees just to have them leave? It doesn’t have to be a sunk expense.

Having a Hard Time Keeping Talent?

Ever wonder why some people who seem like good hires just don't stay or seem to not like to the job? Wouldn't you like a better way to pick the right people from the beginning so you’re not stuck searching.

Trying to Standardize Your Hiring Process?

Every hiring manager has their own “gut” instincts when it comes to hiring. What if you could easily add a scientific process to eliminate the guesswork and make more data-driven hiring decisions?

It Is Time to Fix Your Hiring Process

Remove the Guesswork

Hiring based on instinct isn’t an option anymore. Quickly understand if the applicant will find meaning and purpose in role and your organization.

Conduct Better Interviews

jobZology® provides interview questions to help standardize the hiring process. Keeping interviews focused on the job and culture fit criteria to ensure you get the answers you need to hire intelligently and fairly.


Start with science

At jobZology, we start and end with science. After a short culture evaluation session with your team, our science team identifies the psychological drivers of retention that are unique to your organization and roles.



Include jobZology® in your hiring process

Each candidate completes the jobZology assessments as part of your hiring process. Then, view a candidate’s jobZology profile to see areas of alignment and misalignment to both the job and culture to identify candidates likely to stay longer, be more engaged, and increase productivity in your organization.


Interview questions based on fit results

jobZology provides you with EEOC compliant interview questions specific to a candidate’s fit profile. These questions allow you to dig deeper into those attributes that separate a good-fit from a mediocre-fit to ensure you’re hiring individuals who will love the work and be aligned with your company’s vision.


Be confident you have the right candidate

jobZology® Talent Insights helps you sift through applicants to hire candidates that will stay longer, perform better, and fit the culture your organization is trying to foster.

Know the Applicant Before You Meet

Use Talent Insights to identify candidates who fit.
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