I don’t know what to major in

A Major Regret: I don’t know what to major in

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“I don’t know what to major in”

How did you choose your major in college? Did you…

  • Ask a friend for advice?
  • Follow your sister’s footsteps?
  • Go with a gut feeling?
  • Maybe you shook your Magic 8 Ball until signs pointed to yes…

Maybe you’re still deciding on your ideal educational path. Or maybe you are googling terms like “I don’t know what to major in” and “what should I study?”

The fact is, we don’t always make the most informed decisions. This can lead to confusion or dissatisfaction later in one’s career.

If You Don’t Know What to Major In, Don’t Ignore the Stats

In fact, a recent Gallup poll identified that more than 50% of U.S. adults would:

  • a) change at least one of their education decisions
  • b) indicate that their major and field of study are the greatest sources of regret. 

These staggering numbers point to flaws in the way we choose our academic paths.

For teens and young adults, deciding what you want to be when you grow up is a daunting task. Let alone knowing what you need to study to get there.

A large percentage of adults look back on their education with hints of regret. Academic major dissatisfaction suggests that individuals lacked adequate vocational information, guidance, and career counseling during their decision-making process.

Choose the Right Path

At PathwayU, our goal is to dramatically decrease the number of individuals who regret their major and field of study.

Using our propriety algorithm, we show students education and career pathways where they are likely to find joy, purpose, and meaning. Empowering individuals to experience that “I was born to do this” kind of feeling.

Our online platform provides scientific insight into individuals’ interests, values, personality, and workplace preferences. This allows us to identify career paths that are congruence or “fit” to their unique set of characteristics.

PathwayU guides individuals to meaningful education and career paths by arming users with the resources they need to make informed decisions. This makes the PathwayU platform a valuable resource for high school students planning their college education, for adults looking for different ways to apply their degrees, or individuals looking to return to school and further their education.

What now?

Enough with the should have, could have, and would have’s.

Your future is in your hands.

PathwayU brings up-to-date vocational information and predictive career analytics right to your fingertips. (or the fingertips of your children, students, or friends!)  Knowing what careers fit with your unique traits means you can choose vocational and educational paths you won’t regret. This results in empowering you to live with purpose and meaning in your work.

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