We empower people to live with joy and purpose in the world of work.

Our Products Are Built Using Predictive Science

At jobZology, we uniquely guide individuals to career, education, and employment where they will find their fit. 


For Individuals

Do you know your purpose?

PathwayU is your personal life-time career counseling application to help you make career decisions and upward mobility for 18+ individuals not currently connected to an institution who uses PathwayU.


For Schools

Looking to innovate your guidance programs?

PathwayU is for educational institutions to provide student outcomes. Our platform guides students to optimal career pathways, resulting in increased persistence, GPA, graduation, and career placement.


For Employers

Looking to use predictive science to make efficient hiring decisions?

TalentAIM analyzes your organization to identify the unique characteristics of your workplace and the role you are hiring. A custom predictive fit algorithm identifies which applicants will thrive in your organization.

Our Core Values

Our core values are the rules and boundaries that define jobZology’s culture and personality and provide a final “Should/ Shouldn’t” test for all the behaviors and decisions by everyone in the company. This is the soul of our company.

Do the Right Thing

Diligently serve clients by doing what we say, doing the right thing in any situation, with humility and transparency in order to build trust. We value character as the core of success and happiness. We know if we aren't good and true, whatever we do will be toxic and worthless.

Create a Positive Impact

Relentlessly focus on client and employee/coworker needs to drive results in order to positively impact everyone we come in contact with. We should strive to leave a lasting impact with the services and products we create.

Enjoy Work

We have fun at work, we embrace living our authentic self. We create real relationships with each other and our clients. Our products help to create a world where people love what they do and have fun while doing it.

Own It

Hold ourselves to the highest standards of accountability, responsibility, and preparedness as it relates to our co-workers, clients, and partners.

Be A Lifetime Learner

We are relentless in pursuing more knowledge and experience. We are lifetime students who bring a learner’s mind and want to become masters of excellence, success, and happiness through adding knowledge and putting the knowledge to use.

Live with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

We adapt, we anticipate the future, we embrace innovation. We seek out, embrace, and get uncomfortable in knowing that if we’re not continuously changing, evolving, and improving—we’re falling behind. No two weeks will ever look the same.


We are a team first. We encourage, embrace, support and respect each other. We foster a family atmosphere, communicate transparently, work to enrich each other’s lives - all with empathy.


Our jobZology Team

Our team is brought together by our values, passions and purpose that runs deeper than just the fun you see on the surface. We are a purpose-driven group rooted in professional and personal growth. Business with us is a relationship in the making. We believe in building genuine and transparent partnerships inside and outside of jobZology, making you part of our team, too.
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jobZology Eric
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