Client Spotlight – Aquinas College

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At jobZology, our vision is to create a world where all employees truly love their jobs.

That mission starts with education.

Our PathwayU platform guides students to identify careers that resonate with their personal characteristics, helping them plan their futures and get started on the right educational pathways to prepare them for a lifetime of career success and satisfaction.

As our PathwayU platform continues to spread in schools across the nation, we’d like to take time to highlight, appreciate, and recognize our clients in a monthly Client Spotlight.

Through this spotlight we will feature schools of different sizes and characteristics, learning about ways our partners utilize our platform across their campuses and the variety of ways PathwayU impacts the lives of students, faculty, alumni, and more.

We have a deep appreciation for our clients and all the work they do in supporting learners through their journeys and preparing them for purposeful futures. It is our pleasure to introduce you to Aquinas College this month.

Aquinas College

Aquinas College is a small, Roman Catholic, liberal arts college in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States, with an undergraduate enrollment of 1,551.  The college has been ranked among the top 50 Best Colleges in the Midwest, according to the “Best Colleges 2019” rankings released by by U.S. News & World Report. Additionally, Aquinas College has been ranked #11 Best Value – Regional Universities Midwest.

Responding on behalf of Aquinas College is Dana Hebreard, Ph.D., Director of Career Services in the AQ Advantage Center.


How did you first hear about jobZology and PathwayU?

I first heard about jobZology and PathwayU from Bryan Dik [during] his talk on “How to Find and Live Your Calling”.  In this fast-paced world, it is a challenge to remember to see that anything and everything in life can be your “calling.”  At Aquinas College, we have four Dominican pillars of prayer, study, service, and community to help form our students to lead a life where they can thrive in all dimensions.  The PathwayU assessment provides a wonderful platform for us to provide students a tool to help them realize God’s purpose for their lives and be empowered to make all the difference in the world, and prepare them for a vocation and career that will enrich them and enhance the broader community.

How has PathwayU supported you in implementing the platform on your campus?

The team at PathwayU provided training sessions for the career coaches and personal counselors utilizing the platform on campus.  In addition, the technical support team helped us with the web connection as well as handouts and materials.

In what ways do you use PathwayU on your campus?

PathwayU is utilized in multiple formats at Aquinas College.  We have a four-step career development process at our institution (see below) and students are able to integrate the knowledge discovered from PathwayU at any point.

For example, students are required to take CD-100 (self-assessment and career awareness) in which students identify their skills, interests, abilities, goals, and values in a theoretical and practical way to explore calling and career direction. Students write a resume, discuss employment trends, learn interviewing techniques, and plan for experiential education opportunities.

Did you consider other similar products or software? And, if so, why did you choose PathwayU over competitors?

Yes, we considered similar products and software before selecting PathwayU.  Previously, we have used the Myers-Briggs, Strong Interest Inventory, and COPS.  For Aquinas’s entire student body, the annual price point was very reasonable and it would also allow prospective students, staff and alumni jobZology access as well.

What type of impact has PathwayU had on your students?

PathwayU has positively impacted students at Aquinas College by providing a tangible framework for articulating values, interests, and personality.  The self-understanding and knowledge of career paths has also been significant.  During one individual appointment recently, a student told me that she had wished she came to talk with me and take PathwayU before enrolling in courses during the fall semester.

It has also helped students think about workplace preferences.  One student indicated that he was surprised that excellence was high on his priorities until he thought about the significance of being excellent in the healthcare profession.  He said that “[if] people in healthcare are not motivated to provide the best care or not seek out excellence then, what will happen to the patients?  We need people that are looking for excellence in healthcare in order to provide the best treatment.”

What have student reactions been to the PathwayU platform?

Former CD-100 student wrote: “I have completed the four assessments on [PathwayU]. I think that overall this product was very helpful. The assessments were very easy to take and I actually learned something new about myself. I didn’t know that one of my strongest interests was being social. It came as a shock because I am more toward the label of “introvert” and I thought an extrovert would only score high in that category. It says that I enjoy being with people and helping them learn (which is great because that is a key component in the profession that I am heading toward). I also found the workplace preferences assessment helpful. I now know what I value most in a workplace and when I go job searching, I can evaluate the workplace to see if it meets my values. I would highly recommend that students use this tool.”

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