jobZology uses your own data to predict personality fit with culture

We start by assessing your current team members and finding the type of person who best fits your culture. Then we use data to find other similar candidates.

Personality Tests and Fit

Are you ever surprised when you look in a mirror? Perhaps you noted a trimmer figure, a new grey hair, an undetected pimple or a secret smile. Sometimes we can be the last to see something which is obvious to those around us.

Our personalities are much the same. Our internal dialogue and self-justification often present us with veneers on our actions that are invisible to others – and keep us from seeing ourselves as we are truly presented to the world.

From Buzzfeed quizzes to Myers-Briggs and beyond, there exists an entire realm of personality tests that feed upon our desire to know how we unconsciously present ourselves to the world. But even if the test isn’t perfect, our infatuation with those tests shows the hunger that exists for for understanding ourselves and others.

Personality Tests in Hiring

When it comes to the world of work, how are you presented to your managers, co-workers, and clients? What parts of you stand out, and which stick out? Understanding the personality and culture of your workplace can determine your fit and upward mobility. For managers, an effective company culture can help retain and engage top talent, drive high-performance teamwork, and fundamentally strengthen financial performance.

So which personality tests are actually evidence-based and scientifically sound? Bogus procrastination devices aside, there is a science to personality, and it’s something that data scientists can put into a quantifiable, analyzable format.

jobZology Matches Personality with Culture During Hiring

jobZology®, a Fort Collins, Colorado-based online career system is built from a team of career data scientists who want to better understand the role personality plays in the business environment. They have validated their research, scientific surveys, algorithms and machine learning to develop data-driven, consistent analysis of personality traits and characteristics for the corporate world.

Recent developments in personality analysis have shown that, like most things, personality traits fall on a bell curve and most of us will be near the middle of that distribution. Tests that attempt to categorize people by type inevitably place people in boxes whose definitions are disparate. However, more commonly, personality distributions are generally closer to the mean than walled off by strict type definitions.

Implementation of a jobZology® personality test in your workplace gives you the assurance of accurate, proven analysis in an easily digestible report, with actionable steps to foster improvement and growth.

True scientific personality tests like these produce results that can be shown to remain largely consistent across a person’s lifespan. According to University of Pennsylvania Professor of Psychology Adam Grant, “In social science, we use four standards: Are the categories reliable, valid, independent, and comprehensive?”

Stereotyping people using a categorical test like Myers-Briggs is risky at best and harmful at worst, and in more than thirty years of research, no proof has been offered that a Myers-Briggs defined personality correlates to effective job performance.

With jobZology®, the personality tests offered passed rigorous testing for reliability, validity, consistency and comprehensiveness. Not only that, but actual field-tested results have shown , when applied to company culture and hiring practices, gains of up to 15% in performance and 12% in employee retention when hiring in alignment to the mathematical scores their proprietary software offers.

How jobZology Works

jobZology® uses scientific survey-based analysis to give employers results that provide huge cost savings in rapid candidate analytics, and financial gains due to increases employee retention and engagement. It combines a services engagement coupled with a SaaS based tool that provides predictive analytics for candidates fit to role and culture.