From advising appointments to freshman orientation, our clients implement PathwayU across their campuses to improve student retention, career confidence, and job placement.

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Academic institutions implement PathwayU across their campuses in creative ways in order to meet their unique goals.

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Calvin College has integrated PathwayU into advising appointments and their innovative LifeWork Program - designed to help students identify their calling and prepare for life after college.

PathwayU helps guide students through identifying their interests and values and ultimately connecting them to their unique calling.

"After listening to Bryan (PathwayU Co-founder) and seeing the reliability and validity of the methods, I added PathwayU as a tool we now utilize in the Career Center. As a result, it has generated excitement among our admissions staff and has become one of the primary systems our coaches use in helping students shape their unique vocational identities."

- TaRita Johnson, Director of Career Development

Oral Roberts University (ORU) has embedded PathwayU directly into their custom student profiles, providing easy access to life-changing career guidance all in one place.

"What this means from a student success perspective is that the students, faculty, and advisors can truly help students navigate their entire education and career journey from one screen that contains all the necessary information."

– Michael Matthews, Chief Information Officer

Montgomery County Community College (MCCC) used funding from EDUCAUSE, thanks to an IPASS grant, to make PathwayU part of the admission’s process in order to increase student retention and degree completion. PathwayU’s single sign on integrations with MCCC’s LMS makes it simple for students to use and easy for administrators to control.

Initial analyses have shown that PathwayU users at MCCC have higher GPAs and greater persistence within their programs.

"University of the Southwest uses PathwayU in two classes: Freshmen Orientation and Servant Leadership. Freshmen Orientation is a class that helps students acclimate to the college experience in general and University of the Southwest in particular. PathwayU helps students discern their academic major early on and plays an important role in our academic advising process.

In Servant Leadership, students who have not taken the PathwayU assessment in Freshmen Orientation complete the assessment as part of their course grade. That assessment helps the students in terms of vocational discernment while also helping our staff place them in an internship relevant to the career field they desire to enter."

- Danny Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., Director of the Calling and Servant Leadership Education Center

Some schools choose to provide PathwayU as part of certain colleges within a larger institution. For example, at Western Kentucky University (WKU), PathwayU is currently available for Gordon Ford College of Business students and is being used within the “University Experience for Business Majors” course.

"Giving students the opportunity to learn more about themselves and match them to careers that fit their personality, values, and workplace preferences is amazing. I have used multiple career assessment software in the past and jobZology is one of the easiest for students to understand."

- Bethany Smith, Academic Coordinator, Educational Enhancement Programs

As a two-year college focused on preparing students for the next step - whether that is pursuing a four-year degree at another university or entering the workforce - Spartanburg Methodist College gives students PathwayU to quickly hone in on their educational paths.

"I can’t say enough about the value PathwayU has brought to our campus career services... PathwayU allows us to seamlessly help students discover careers of interest, explore transfer institutions and possible majors. It is a user-friendly tool with tons of added resources to help students prepare for their future careers."

- Courtney Shelton, Vice President of Professional Development and Design

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