Partnering with academic institutions to help students find joy, meaning, and purpose.

Improving career confidence, degree completion, and student success.

The Journey Starts With Self-Discovery

As you know, the path towards finding joy, meaning, and purpose starts with understanding how you’re unique. So that’s where we start.

Proven, Science-Based Assessments

All the Assessments You Need

We measure a student’s interests, values, personality, and workplace preferences based on frameworks you know and trust.

Psychometrically Sound

PathwayU is based on decades of research from not only our own PhDs, but also the greater scientific community.

Understanding the Whole Student

A student is more than their transcript and resume. Our assessments help you understand a student on a deeper level.

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Know What Options Are Out There

Self-discovery is only the first step. Which is why we help you create a bridge between who a student is and what vocational options are out there.

Personalized Career Matches

Career Options

With over 900 career paths, students can find out about opportunities they might have never known existed.

Proprietary Fit Score

Using each student’s unique interests and values, we match them to career paths that are the best fit for them.

Educational Path

By starting with the career options that are good fit for them, you can guide a student on the right education path.

Bridge to Real World Jobs

Set students on the right path by letting them see how they will fit into real job opportunities out there right now.

Helping Them Navigate Their Journey

Students need professionals like you to help them find their calling. And that’s a big responsibility. But PathwayU can help you, help them.

Connect Seamlessly

Simple Access

It is easy for students & staff to start using PathwayU with their school account so they get all of the benefit and none of the hassle.

Single Sign-on Integration

PathwayU utilizes the IMS Global's LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) standard to provide an SSO solution to institutions looking to integrate with their LMS. Learn more about LTI here.

Bring joy, meaning, and purpose to your students

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