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While talking with prospective clients during PathwayU demos, we often get asked the question, “How have other schools used PathwayU on their campuses?” From individual advising appointments and classroom assignments, to campus-wide freshman orientation and university experience courses, as well as integration within students’ academic records – we’ve seen our clients implement PathwayU across their campuses in creative ways that align with their unique goals.

Here are brief descriptions of how some of our clients have decided to incorporate PathwayU into their campus offerings, including personal testimonial from professionals who work directly with our tool.

Calvin College

Calvin College has integrated PathwayU into their LifeWork Program, designed to help students identify their passions and prepare for life after college by covering four main areas: vocation, career readiness, financial literacy and life skills, and leadership development.

PathwayU is included in the “Discover” portion of their LifeWork Program, guiding students through the identification and exploration of their interests and values, ultimately connecting them to their unique calling.

I was introduced to PathwayU through a few Calvin College business professors who were using it in their classes. They shared their results from a NetVUE project and introduced me to a seminar featuring Dr. Bryan Dik, Calvin College graduate and co-founder of jobZology.  After listening to Bryan and seeing the reliability and validity of the methods, I added PathwayU as a tool we now utilize in the Career Center. As a result, it has generated excitement among our admissions staff and has become one of the primary systems our coaches use in helping students shape their unique vocational identities.”

– TaRita Johnson, Director of Career Development, Calvin College

Oral Roberts University

Recently, Oral Roberts University (ORU) transitioned to the Ellucian Banner 9 System allowing faculty and advisors to view student degree plans, GPA, advisor notes, attendance, class list, and more all in a single profile. By integrating with PathwayU, the system allows ORU to embed our career planning tool directly into student’s profiles.

What this means from a student success perspective is that the students, faculty, and advisors can truly help students navigate their entire education and career journey from one screen that contains all the necessary information. The career advisement output of PathwayU can be saved within the student profile as well.”

– Michael Matthews, Chief Information Officer, Oral Roberts University

Montgomery County Community College

After receiving funding from EDUCAUSE as part of a recent IPASS grant competition, Montgomery County Community College has launched new initiatives within their student population aimed at improving retention, progression, and completion.  All degree-seeking first semester students are strongly encouraged to complete the “MyCareerPlan” during their first semester experience, which includes using PathwayU to confirm or explore their career goals.

Initial analyses have shown that PathwayU users at Montgomery County Community College have higher GPAs and greater persistence within their programs than similar students who have not used PathwayU.

University of the Southwest

University of the Southwest uses PathwayU in two classes: Freshmen Orientation and Servant Leadership. Freshmen Orientation is a class that helps students acclimate to the college experience in general and University of the Southwest in particular. PathwayU helps students discern their academic major early on and plays an important role in our academic advising process.

 In Servant Leadership, students who have not taken the PathwayU assessment in Freshmen Orientation complete the assessment as part of their course grade. That assessment helps the students in terms of vocational discernment while also helping our staff place them in an internship relevant to the career field they desire to enter.

– Danny Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., Director of the Calling and Servant Leadership Education Center, University of the Southwest

Southern Adventist University

The Career Services Center at Southern Adventist University has embraced PathwayU in an inspiring way.  Faculty and student members have been creative in their marketing and advertising efforts for the campus roll-out of PathwayU. From creating banners and sharing photos, to handing out PathwayU business cards on campus, Southern Adventist University created campus-wide buzz about PathwayU to get students excited about the tool and encourage them to visit their Career Services Center.

Check out some of the photos from Southern Adventist University on our Facebook page!

Western Kentucky University

Some schools choose to provide PathwayU to students in certain colleges within a larger institution. For example, PathwayU is currently available for Gordon Ford College of Business students at Western Kentucky University (WKU). Specifically, PathwayU is being used within the “University Experience for Business Majors” course.

“PathwayU is a great tool for college freshmen.  Giving students the opportunity to learn more about themselves and match them to careers that fit their personality, values, and workplace preferences is amazing.  I have used multiple career assessment softwares in the past and PathwayU is one of the easiest for students to understand.  I used the assessment this semester in my University Experience class and asked the students to write a career paper and give a presentation on their findings.  PathwayU is a great tool for students to use to find the perfect future career.”

– Bethany Smith, Academic Coordinator – Educational Enhancement Programs, Western Kentucky University

Earlham College

PathwayU started out at Earlham College in a single classroom before being adopted within the larger campus.  As part of a seminar course, students used PathwayU in lab sessions while learning about “calling” as it relates to meaningful life domains.  Dr. Isaac Hunter uses PatchwayU as a component of this seminar that ultimately aims to motivate students to identify life paths that are meaningful to them.

One of the first things I ask them on the first day of class is why they are in college and what they are hoping [to get] from it. Most say a ‘good’ job and when I push for a definition of ‘good’ it often comes back to high paying or something that is seen as a good career. Through the class I seek to get them to question some of those things and attune their own compass more towards living a good, fulfilling, meaningful life… and PathwayU is a nice tool as part of that process”

– Isaac Hunter, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology, Earlham College

Spartanburg Methodist College

As a two-year college focused on preparing students to transfer to other universities or finish four-year degrees online, Spartanburg Methodist College uses PathwayU to guide students to hone in on educational pathways quickly. Some Spartanburg students utilize worksheets to further internalize their unique results and directly incorporate their PathwayU results into the transfer planning process.

“I can’t say enough about the value PathwayU has brought to our campus career services… PathwayU allows us to seamlessly help students discover careers of interest, explore transfer institutions, and possible majors. It is a user-friendly tool with tons of added resources to help students prepare for their future careers.”

– Courtney Shelton, Vice President of Professional Development and Design, Spartanburg Methodist College

Are you envisioning PathwayU on your campus right now? Share your vision with one of our Solutions Advocates and learn how to get PathwayU into the hands of your students today!


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