Data Protection Notice

This data protection notice (the “Notice”) describes how Career Analytics Network, Inc. (DBA jobZology®) uses any personal data collected through our selection and employee development assessment products and services (any such product or service for purposes of this Notice, an “Assessment”). When we refer to personal data, we mean information about you sufficient to identify you individually (“Your Information”). jobZology® may collect Your Information on behalf of an employer or potential employer or a party acting on their behalf (any such employer or party, an “Organization”; see Section A of the Notice). 
jobZology® may also collect Your Information directly for our own purposes; see Section B of the Notice. 

This Notice applies to assessment administrators (“Assessment Administrators”) and test takers including third parties providing feedback or ratings as part of the assessment process (“Test Takers”) and applies whether such Assessments are carried out online, face to face, in team exercises or in Assessment centers.


Where we have been requested to provide an Assessment by an Organization, the Organization will be a data controller in respect of Your Information and will be responsible for Your Information including for what purposes Your Information is being collected and in what way it will be used. Your Information may include your name, email address, user details and information on your country, language, gender, age, location, income range, employer, educational background, job description, ethnicity, race and any disability, as well as your responses to the Assessment. Some of Your Information may have already been collected by the Organization or jobZology® before you take the Assessment. 

jobZology® may invite you to participate in an Assessment on behalf of the Organization. We will score the Assessment and compile a report with the results, which will be given to the authorized representatives of the Organization. If you have any query as to the identity of the Organization, please contact us by emailing


In addition to providing Assessments on behalf of organizations, jobZology® also uses some of Your Information for our own purposes as described below. jobZology® are data controllers and are responsible for Your Information in these circumstances.


If you take a jobZology® Assessment for your own use (e.g. through jobZology® public web site), jobZology® will use responses you provide to score your Assessment and provide you with the results. 

Additionally, jobZology® would like to use some of Your Information (including details of your country, language, gender, age, location, income range, employer, educational background, job description, ethnicity, race and any disability where it is lawful to collect this) for research purposes in order to develop and improve the Assessments and services we offer. We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all people. Our research ensures that our psychometric instruments are fair and objective in Assessments of candidates and prevents unfair discrimination. It allows us to benchmark our tests against industry-recognized differences for particular groups. Where we have carried out an Assessment on behalf of an Organization, we may also request information from the Organization as to whether you were offered a job as a result of your Assessment for research purposes. Our psychologists are bound by ethical guidelines and data protection law in the use of Your Information in research. To the extent possible, we will anonymise Your Information before carrying out such research and only those directly involved in research supporting our products will be given access to it. We may disclose the aggregated and anonymised results of our research to third parties.
We encourage all test takers to provide details of ethnicity, race and disability, where and if requested. However, there is no obligation to do this and if you do not provide this, it will not affect in any way the Assessment you are about to take.

Where we have appropriate permissions, jobZology® may ask you to participate in future test trials, surveys or for further information relating to the Assessment taken in order to help us to further research and develop our assessment processes. If you wish to stop receiving such communications, please email us at


Where we have appropriate permissions, jobZology® will contact you to find out if our Assessments have been useful in the Organization and which Test Taker was hired for the position or may use information entered by you onto our systems.

Last Updated: March 2013