Has finding a purpose become a cliché?

Purpose carries a strong definition that often gets watered down. Everyone wants to know their purpose and ways to find it. Being a sophomore in college, I was curious if purpose is something you can really find by taking an assessment or quiz online. I know my purpose and how I live that purpose, but […]

Means to Live, But No Meaning to Live For: How to Find Meaning in Work

A book you’ve read at least once in your life – and need to read again – is Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning.  Frankl describes his time in a World War II Nazi death camp, and how, while nearly everything he has is taken from him, he survives by discovering the purpose of life […]

Finding Academic Success Inside and Outside of Class

School can be challenging – sometimes the classes are difficult but sometimes even showing up to class is difficult – and the success of other students can appear to be effortless. The key to academic success is to understand that your learning is a skill that you can develop and to realize that the good […]

Get Ahead and Set SMARTER Goals for Work and Life

Are your goals working for you? Goals are a powerful influence on behavior; they help us organize our activity and pursue a particular target (like getting a degree, getting a job, or achieving a milestone) with purpose. Yet people struggle with setting goals in work and life; just 25% of adults have clear goals for […]

Created by CSU Professors and Alums, jobZology Will Revisit Their Roots at CSU Ventures Demo Day at Colorado State University April 23rd

Fort Collins, CO, April 18, 2019:  jobZology® is a CSU Ventures spin-out incubated in 2012 by CSU Alums, Travis Hevelone, Eric Leftwich and CSU professors, Dr. Kurt Kraiger and Dr. Bryan Dik.  Scientific studies and innovations connecting people with a more meaningful path enabled disruptive solutions for educational institutions, guiding learners through their educational pathway. […]

How Your Career Helps You Achieve Your Life Goals

What things are at the top of your list of life goals?  Is it a list of cities you would like to visit in the future or vacations you would like to take? Maybe purchasing your dream car or paying off student debt? Perhaps you’re thinking of improving your physical health, starting your own business, […]

How Do Vocational Choices Impact Career Success?

When you think about career success, what comes to mind? A paycheck, promotion, hitting your performance goals, soaring past them, having a sense of job security? Maybe it’s the feeling that you’ve finally found a job you love or are receiving recognition for your hard work. The point is, the notion of career success varies […]

How Do I Transition From Military to Civilian Life?

You might feel overwhelmed starting life as a civilian after your military career. The military provides structure, hierarchy, and clear direction that can often be missing from civilian employment. You may wonder whether your skills or experiences have any meaning in the civilian world. You’re not alone in feeling this way. While every veteran’s experience […]

Help Your Children Find Their Callings

Is it too early to help your children find their calling? If you’re a parent of young children, you may find yourself looking at your kids and wondering: What are they going to end up doing when they grow up?  Will they feel about their jobs the way you feel about yours?    Either you […]

The Predictive Power of Interests

PathwayU uses a combination of student interests and values to guide students to career choices that bring them joy, meaning, and purpose. Student interests are the primary driver in our proprietary algorithm.   Why are interests important? Matching to occupations on the basis of individual interests is the cornerstone of primary theories of career choice […]