Choosing a Career Path: Six Things You Should Try

choosing a career path

Choosing a career path becomes a priority at different stages of your life. Starting college? Or returning to college after a summer (or longer) break? College is typically the last stop before the “real world,” where you join the workforce and enjoy a lifelong, rewarding career. How do we get there? Most of us aren’t […]

Holland’s Interest Inventory: Finding the Right One

Holland's interest inventory

Defining Interests Holland’s Interest Inventory starts with your interests. Interests represent preferences for certain types of tasks of work activities. They are what keep us motivated and energized. With a firm understanding of our interests, we can pursue enjoyment and satisfaction within our lives as well as our careers. The primary model for categorizing and […]

Self Assessments for Students

self-assessments for students

Hear me out, the best way to prepare yourself to head back to school this fall is to take tests. Don’t worry, you don’t have to study for these types of tests – because they are all about you! Self-assessments are a great tool for students to uncover valuable insights about themselves. They also help […]

What Are Your Interests? Start With Interests or Your Skills Won’t Matter

what are your interests

“What are your interests?” After an abysmal performance during a brief, straight-set defeat at Wimbledon last year, the talented Australian pro Bernard Tomic rattled the tennis world by declaring that he felt bored during the match and just couldn’t find the motivation to compete.  “The last sort of year or two, nothing motivates,” he said […]

A Major Regret: I don’t know what to major in

I don’t know what to major in

“I don’t know what to major in” How did you choose your major in college? Did you… Ask a friend for advice? Follow your sister’s footsteps? Go with a gut feeling? Maybe you shook your Magic 8 Ball until signs pointed to yes… Maybe you’re still deciding on your ideal educational path. Or maybe you […]

Student Success in College: An Expanding Perspective

Student Success in College

In the 2017-2018 school year, the average cost of attending a four-year public university for out-of-state students was $40,940[1].  With skepticism about the value of a college degree, increasing costs of attendance, and rapidly growing student debt, higher education institutions are experiencing increasing pressure to position the value of their programs and likelihood of student […]

What Career Path Finder Actually Works?

Career path finder

What kind of tools are available that might serve as an effective career path finder? If you’ve worked with students who are struggling with figuring out their career path, you’ve felt their pain. Or maybe you are an individiual struggling to decide what career path to take.  Either way, it is very hard to have […]

Helping Students Succeed: Give Them What They are Looking For

Helping Students Succeed

How do you know if you are really helping students succeed? Do you know what your students are looking for? From my experience at a large university, going to the advising or career center is something that happens only once a semester just to see what classes I need to take. How can you help […]

Revolution in Today’s College Journey: Thoughts From One of Our Founders


Eric, co-founder of jobZology, discusses the revolution that is taking place in the education world today. Summer is here and means it is time for celebrating the accomplishments of those finishing school. At family celebrations and backyard BBQs everywhere, new graduates are reveling in their achievement all the while being endlessly asked the question, “So what’s next for you?” or […]

Average Cost of College Tuition and the Hidden Cost in Between

Average Cost of College Tuition

According to the College Board, the average cost of college tuition this past year was $34,740 for private colleges, $9,970 for in-state residents at public colleges, and $25,620 for out of state residents. For a four-year graduate, your total to an average cost of college tuition of $138,960, $39,880, and $102,480. Those numbers are all […]